Now, for the first time, SAYS 3D animations let you really see what happens when people speak. The tongue, teeth and palate are no longer hidden but become visible; no more clumsy or badly animated illustrations – SAYS gives you highly-detailed animations of the insides of the mouth during pronunciation.

Difficult Sounds

The sound set we have chosen for our first release is a difficult group for many non-native speakers of English and also native English speakers with communications disorders. There are 60 animations in this release of SAYS and there are more to come. Future upgrades are planned and you will be able to obtain more animations free when they are available. (Current release version 1.5, all future versions up to 1.xx will be free. Future versions after v2.0 will have upgrade plans available.)

An example SAYS animation


Parents: if you have a deaf child or a child who is attending speech therapy, our product will be a useful addition in the fight to improve your child's speaking. It will not replace the therapy that your child needs but it will support and assist them outside of the therapy sessions (consult your speech therapist if necessary). Not only that, children usually love using the software and are good at imitating what they see on the screen. For children, SAYS is an ideal product because it works visually, rather than needing long explanations.


Learning English

Pronunciation is sometimes forgotten when it comes to learning English as a foreign language. It is very important to be able to produce accurate sounds when speaking to make yourself understood. Do people have trouble understanding you when you speak English? Do you want to try to produce more accurate sounds when speaking English? Do you want to use a method of learning that is extremely simple to understand? You need SAYS.

You have a Communications Disorder

If you need sessions with a speech language therapist because of problems such as aphasia, SAYS will be a useful product for you to work further on your pronunciation outside of your therapy sessions. This can also save you money in the long term as our software is relatively inexpensive but will give you to opportunity to work as much as you want on your speaking.

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