Buy Speak As You See now to get our special introductory offer. We are currently offering the SAYS kit (which includes software for MacOS X/Windows PC and specially designed mirror, packed in a chrome case storage box) at the special introductory price of $119 plus packing and worldwide shipping (from Thailand) at $20 for a total price of $139 (US dollars).

This amount is for the current version (SAYS 1.5.0) single-license user but includes free updates to version 1.xx. We plan to include more sounds and words, and continue to upgrade the software. Email support is included. Normal delivery time is 7-8 days after receipt of payment but please allow up to 12 days after receipt of payment for packing and delivery.

Please note: Installation of this software requires Apple Quicktime (free for Windows and MacOS X from and Adobe Reader (free from to be installed. Minimum system requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 G3 700MHz, Windows PC Pentium III 1.4GHz (with sound card).

For volume sales please contact