Speak As You See (SAYS) is the newest piece of software which will really assist people who suffer from various communications disorders.
So what is it? SAYS is a computer program to improve pronunciation. Many speech language pathologists (SLPs) agree that one of the most difficult aspects of pronunciation is describing what is happening inside the mouth during speech. SAYS uses realistic 3D computer animations to show exactly what is occurring in a way that ANYONE can understand.

In the past, both for SLPs and their patients, data from users has been recorded and presented in difficult to follow spectrograms. Enter SAYS. There is now no need to try to imagine what the tongue is doing during speech; no need to guess how wide open the jaw is because you can see it all. The lifelike models are very easy to understand. For people with aphasia and other medical problems, the process of learning or relearning how to speak can be greatly eased by seeing what they should be doing, right there on the screen in front of them.